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Commercial Litigation in Los Angeles: what you need to know

Los Angeles Trial LawyerA Commercial Litigation Attorney Whom You Can Trust

Commercial litigation can have serious impacts on your company’s financial outlook and can result in a public relations disaster. Litigation eats away at thousands of dollars in profits each year and creates an unnecessary distraction preventing management from running a business. Investing in an experienced litigation attorney can help to resolve these disputes in a timely and professional manner and return your attention where it really belongs.

Our attorneys are experienced and knowledge professionals that will work to conduct extensive research on your claims and to determine any applicable damages and liabilities apply. The concept of commercial litigation can be fairly broad and entail a wide number of managerial and acquisition disputes; however, with years of experience working in business litigation, our firm can tackle any and all complex litigation and arbitrations. We aren’t just a team of commercial litigation attorneys; we are advisors who will work with your business to establish the best possible outcome for all involved.

After we have the opportunity to look over your case, we can design a personalized and aggressive strategy aimed at minimizing losses. If we can settle the dispute in an out of court mediation and save you time and resources, we will determine the potential gains and losses based on your individual case and deliver to you a recommendation based on those results. Working together, we hope to minimize the impact that commercial litigation has on your company and reduce the time that you spend in the courtroom to increase the amount of time you are able to spend in the boardroom.

We work with businesses to go after contractor violations or trade disputes that you wish to pursue against other businesses or individuals. Your business should run smoothly and we are in the business of making sure that you can make that happen. We will pursue any injunctions, dispute resolutions, and mediation in an attempt to restore your financial losses and to set precedent over the binding legality of your company contracts and acquisitions.

The more time that you spend dealing with litigation is money being sent down the drain. We want to hear from you to assist you in your case and work with you to establish an informed legal perspective to pursue your claims.

At the Law Offices of Michael Rosenstein, our Los Angeles commercial litigation attorneys pride themselves on providing attentive legal service that is responsive to client questions and concerns – and we keep our clients informed about what is happening at every stage of litigation. To arrange a free consultation to review your commercial litigation case, please call us at (888) 538-1125


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